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This website is dedicated to promoting and perpetuating the story of the Danube Swabian people so that future generations can take pride in their heritage and pass it on to their children. Thank you for taking this opportunity to visit the Los Angeles site and learn more about our group and our activities. We invite you to visit each of our pages as well as the other Danube Swabian sister sites throughout the United States, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hungary and Yugoslavia.

St. Stephen's Kirchweih

For nearly 90 years, there has been a Kirchweih Fest at St. Stephen's Church celebrating its founding. It's a chance for all Donauschwaben to get together to celebrate Mass, eat, drink, dance and just to catch-up with old friends. We can't forget to thank all those that got up early to begin making the Schnitzl lunch and those who tend the bar.

It's also a fundraiser for our dance group in support of their activities. This year's Kirchweih Strauss was won by Marcella Konrad. (Just what she needs ... rosemary for her upcoming wedding next month!).

The dance group thanks all those that so graciously support our children. They always make us proud.


For pictures of the event, click here!

Annual St. Stephen's Oktobertfest

Welcome to the 3rd Annual St. Stephen's Oktoberfest!

It's a celebration of our heritage and a time when Donau Schwabiens and the Hungarian dance groups come to celebrate. Best of all, it's a benefit dance for the renovation of St. Stephen's Church and Father Lani Hall. With Father Timothy Dyer's support, all the proceeds go to the up-keep of St. Stephen's and we're well on our way. We'd like to thank all those that have given very generously to keep our "home" alive.

For pictures of the celebration, please click here.

2014 Milwaukee Trachtenfest!

Every three years, Donaschwabens from all over America and Canada come together for a Trachtenfest Competition. This year, we met in Milwaukee. We thank the Milwaukee Dance Group for being a wonderful host this year. As for who won the competition ... the answer is ... everyone but the Spahnferkel (Roasted Pig)! Congratulations to the first place winners from Milwaukee, the second place winners from Cleveland, the third place winners from Los Angeles and to Akron for the Congeniality award. See you all in Los Angeles next year! For pictures of the event, please "click" on the titles below. To read a review of the event, "Click here".

L.A. In Milwaukee

Milwaukee Welcome

Opening Ceremony


Dirndl Mode


Cris Burmeister Award

Dancing Fun!

Dance Groups

Milwaukee Dance Group

Chicago Aid Dance Group

Los Angeles Dance Group

Cincinnati Dance Group

Detroit Dance Group

Cleveland Dance Group

Toronto Dance Group


Tag Der Donauschwabiens!
Well it's the closest thing we have to a national holiday. It's Tag der Donauschwabiens at The Phoenix Club. Schwobs from near and far come to talk, eat and play Tombola! All of this years proceeds are being donated to renovate St. Stephen's church. I wish I could tell you how much was contributed but the girls are still counting! We like to thank all those that donated gifts and a special "thank you" to all that helped in the booth. To see pictures of the event, please click here.

Happy Birthday Nikolas Renzo Venturo!

Nikolas arrived July 22, 2014. He weighed in at 8 lb. 8 oz., and was 22" long. Proud parents Erika and Mat, big sister Lorelei, and baby are all doing well. Oma Irene and Ota John Hirsch are thrilled! (The Dance Group application is in the mail!)

Happy Birthday!
Fr. Rettig thanks all those that helped him celebrate his birthday as well as those that wished they could have attended. We had a wonderful turn-out to watch him blowout his candles. He also wishes to remind everyone that this Sunday is Tag der Donauschwaben at The Phoenix Club. As always, there will be food, dancing and a Tombola raffel. The park opens at 11:00 with a German Mass followed by the program starting at 1:30 PM. Come watch our children dance while being entertained by the German American Brassband. See you there! For pictures of Fr. Rettig's birthday party, please click here.

St. Stephens Fronleichnam
We may be a small parish, but we're been celebrating Fronleichnam in the community since 1952. We thank the Hungarian, Spanish, English and German communities for keeping the tradition alive. We are fortunate to have had Fathers Tim, Theodore and Espina with us. For pictures, please click here.

Presenting our newest little member, Miss Quinn Eloise Luxenburg. Born to Jackie & Steve Luxenburg on June 8. 7 lbs 6 oz. Mother and daughter are doing fine. Dad, brother and grandparents are thrilled! Congratulations from the entire Dance Group.

2014 Dance Group Picnic

It's a day of BBQ, water balloons and great music. Thanks to all of those that helped organize the day for our children. Oh! And a special thanks to the German-American Blaskapelle for the music. For pictures of the event, just click here.

St. Stephen's Mothers Day


For pictures of the event, please click here.

The Next Dance Group Member

(And it's a Boy! If we can't recruit them, then we'll make them!)


Presenting Karl Johan Seitz

Born May 7, 2014 at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach California at 4:59 AM. Little Karl was 7 lbs. 2 Oz and 19 1/2 inches. Mother Katrina, Dad Karl and baby are all doing well. His little cousins Jack and Ella want to play with him already!

2014 Koenigasball King & Queen

Our Gala Koenigsball is the social highlight of the year for the Dance Group. It provides our community with not only the opportunity to take pride in the achievements of our children but for them to show how much their heritage means to them.

Nicholas and Eva would like to thank all of those who so generously gave of their time to make the event a success and to the many sponsors for their on-going support.


Click here for pictures.

King Nicholas Goldbach & Queen Eva Kerins

You can make a donation to the Tanzgruppe anytime! And it's so easy! Just click on the "donate" button below and make a pledge to the children. All of the proceeds go to supporting the children and their activities. Remember, "it's better to give than to receive". Trust me, you'll feel better knowing that you've helped to continue the heritage of the Tanzgruppe.

Please make comments and suggestions to our President

Elisabeth Burmeister

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October 19, 2014

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